Healthcare Organizations

The HOPE Coalition exists to help our coalition partners to better prepare to meet the unforeseen challenges found in our ever changing world. Through collaboration, training and resource sharing we are able to better build resilient healthcare service organizations.

The threats posed by natural, man-made and potential terrorist events help to motivate healthcare organizations to make changes necessary to ensure our patients and their families are taken care of during any of the trials we may face within our region.


What to Be Prepared For

Severe Weather

When extreme weather patterns emerge, healthcare organizations must be prepared for many potential issues such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, ice storms and extreme heat. Preparedness is always an ongoing process.

Supply Chain Disruption

Healthcare organizations continuously plan and prepare for events that may disrupt supply lines. Our coalition partners work together to ensure healthcare is available in even the worst of times.


Earthquakes occur without warning, there are no visible signs of an impending tremor. However, the danger can be mitigated with preparation. Our coalition partners work together to ensure vital services are available when our communities need it most.

Utility Outage

Extreme events (e.g. earthquake) threaten critical infrastructure including power, gas or water supplies. Most healthcare organizations rely on community utility infrastructures for daily operations. When utility interruptions occur our coalition, partners work together to ensure the lights stay on in their healthcare facilities.

What To Do

The Coalition believes that a key component of healthcare readiness lies in the ability of healthcare facilities and providers to maintain sustainable operations to meet public health needs and a patient surge on healthcare facilities in all circumstances.

This ability is only possible through extensive collaboration with our community partners from public safety, utilities and transportation and exercising of those plans to determine the most effective way to ensure sustainable operations can be assured.



Under new rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), healthcare entities are now required to have more extensive emergency plans and to routinely exercise those plans in conjunction with our healthcare and community partners. Our coalition members have joined forces to ensure that our healthcare plans best prepare the entire healthcare community to ensure our served customers have the best possible care in the worst possible situations.