How We Help

Some of the benefits that the HOPE Coalition provides to its members include: training opportunities including planning workshops, training courses, opportunities to collaborate with other emergency planners, and the chance to participate in exercises are compliant with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program(HSEEP) and meeting the requirements set out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our coalition members are also involved in regional planning and mutual aid agreements, ensuring resources and assistance are available when needed.


Our Mission Statement

  • Building relationships and partnerships
  • Strengthening medical surge capacity and capability
  • Facilitating communication, information and resource sharing
  • Maximizing movement and utilization of existing resources



The HOPE Coalition and its coalition partner’s response capabilities in a disaster are reliant upon 3 key components. Collaboration, planning and training/exercises. Coalition members and partner organizations are encouraged to work together as we prepare our region for any potential disasters. The HOPE Coalition is committed to strengthening and enhancing our coalition members.

The HOPE Coalition is comprised of regional healthcare partners such as hospitals, public health, emergency medical services, emergency management and other healthcare organizations throughout 11 counties in Southwestern Illinois. Our purpose is to enhance the ability of the region to be more resilient during any situation. The coalition provides a forum for all partners who are involved with emergency planning, response or mitigation to plan together and facilitate a safer healthier community.