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HOPE is just a click away …

Thank you and welcome to the HOPE Coalition website launch!

Healthcare Organizations Preparing for Emergencies (HOPE) is a coalition of like minded organizations across the various healthcare systems within Southwestern Illinois. Our ultimate goal is to develop and sustain a resilient healthcare system through effective collaboration with public and private stakeholders across the Edwardsville Public Health and Medical Services Response Region. Our region encompasses eleven counties and a myriad of healthcare providers, non-governmental organizations (NGO), Department of Defense (DoD) installations, and federal, state and local response agencies. As we build, we’d like to become your hub for emergency preparedness – both inside and outside of the healthcare space.

As we expand, we will provide a private membership portal with secure access to regional plans, checklists, and events throughout the region. Membership has it’s advantages! Specifically the ability to network with individuals and organizations focused on preparing for the next incident within the region that may effect the delivery of timely care to those in need.

If you are a healthcare provider, or private citizen that wants to get involved in making our healthcare system more resilient in a time of disaster, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us and let us know how we can help you, help all of us become better prepared! Until then, please get to know our site and review what our region has to offer. You’ll find information about what to do in an emergency, simple steps to get connected, and help your loved ones, your organization and the region prepared.